Hiring A Virtual Assistant 10-Day Series: Step 1 Goals For Your VA

If you’re a solo entrepreneur who has been so busy that you’re at the point of seeking assistance to manage your daily tasks, congratulations, it may be time to hire someone to help!

What’s great about running your own business today is that everything can be done entirely online, virtually anywhere. The trend of running a business virtually versus brick and mortar just keeps increasing too. With that so does the convenience of hiring a freelancer, or virtual assistant.

However, if you’re new to hiring someone the task can be greatly overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to start. With this 10-day serious I hope to alleviate some of those worrisome thoughts by breaking down 10-key areas that are essential when making that leap!

Step 1: Map Out Your Goals for Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are increasing in popularity as a profession and desired method of employment for both employer and employee. However, because the name is so broad in description, quite often it’s been taken for granted for the capabilities a VA may possess.

There are many avenues of expertise a VA may offer and to make sure you’re filling your need with the right person here are a few things to consider:

Identify 3 Areas of Need

Are you overwhelmed with staying on top of your clients’ requests and emails?Do you need general inbox maintenance?Do you have an event coming up that you need someone to handle details for?

If you’re new to hiring a VA, identifying three areas that need attention now (or soon down the road) will give you a bigger picture of the type of person you need to hire. Then, pick the most important, right now.Maybe all you need is someone to run your Customer Service. Or, maybe you need someone to manage your webinars.Whatever you determine, stick with that as your goal . Once you’re in the groove of employing someone, you can field out other jobs as you need.The key is to keep it simple and get familiar with your weak spots so whomever comes on board has a clear vision of their task at hand.

Time Management

If you’re on a limited budget for hiring someone, take the time to decide now if your VA is going to be project-based, temporary (no longer than 6 months), or someone you plan to keep around for at least a year as you grow.How long you plan to sustain a VA is going to determine how much support you really get. You’ve got to be crystal clear with your VA the time and deadline requirements or you run the risk of either over-spending or running out of money before the end-goal is met. Neither of you will prosper if a clear idea hasn’t been set in motion.

Create your position description

Remember what you picked as your first position of hire?Now’s the time to list partnered tasks to that position.When you’re finally ready to list your job opening, you want to be able to not only describe what you’re looking for but map out exactly what your VA will be doing.Often you’ll see an opening listed for a VA that states general tasks with the intention of adding on to the workload as time goes.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you want to make sure that you’re not over-burdening your VA with other tasks that either are out of their realm of expertise, or inhibit them form completing the projects they’ve already taken on.

Ultimately when it comes to defining what you need, the key is to keep it simple.It’s all about making sure you’re getting what you want and at the same time making it as comprehendible as possible for your new VA.

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